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ET MODEL - Panther F Additional Armour Plates
A look at a small but impressive set from ET Model!


Panther F Additional Armour Plates

Manufacturer: ET Model

Scale: 1/35

Material: Photo-etch

Serial Number: EA35-070

Price: Unknown 






ET Model from China has a rapidly expanding catalogue of photo-etched and detail sets for a wide variety of kits in varying scales, together with a very prolific release schedule.  This set is intended to detail the Dragon Smart kit of the Panther Ausf.F.





Set Contents

This is a small set consisting of just two small brass photo-etched frets. It's intended for the Dragon Panther F smart series kit. As it's a 'paper-panzer' you could theoretically add whatever you want, but if you're into building 'what-if's' then the set makes a reasonable addition to the model.


The set is actually subtitled 'Anti-aircraft' armour on one of the frets, and I suppose it might just have been for that purpose, especially the pieces supplied for the turret roof, but the pieces placed over the engine grills are similar to the field added pieces added to the Ausf.G, and there seems to be some debate as to why these where actually added. Some say anti-aircraft, yet a more likely reason suggested by the personal accounts of their crews suggest they were added to prevent the ingress of pine needles and other forest detritus that was often the cause of engine fires.


Whatever the original reason, they certainly make a striking difference to the appearance of the finished model. As said, the set consists of just the two frets, one having the armour plates for atop the turret, and the other for the engine deck. Along with the actual armour plates themselves, which are self-explanatory and supplied in the shape as used on the instructions leaflet, there are various small fittings and brackets supplied of course, most of which consist of simple rectangular parts folded to make the appropriate shape. The turret piece, which is the most complicated shape is supplied in a double thickness with small photo-etched spacers supplied for separating them.






For what it is, it's a very nice set. Simple, and likely to be a very reasonable price, although I can't seem to find a price for it! Easy to install, and will certainly make your model stand out from others. Recommended.




My thanks to ET MODEL for the review sample.











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